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High Quality, Affordable

Medical Care in India

Indian Doctors are globally recognized for their clinical skills and experience. Many of them have trained and worked for decades at global centres of medical excellence.


Standards of care and level of medical expertise in top hospitals in India meet global benchmarks. There is zero waiting time for major surgeries.


Latest innovations in key medical specialities, Availability of latest Technology like Robotic Surgery, CyberKnife, Brain Suite ensure delivery of outstanding healthcare of international standards.

Why us?

Our partner in India:

We have tied up with the top most treatment management company in India and we provide complete personalized treatment solutions to your medical problem.

Our partner in India is ISO 9001-2008 Certified, registered company with 8 years experience in the industry. It is a professional organization created with the vision of facilitating world-class, affordable healthcare and ensuring a caring, comfortable and carefree medical journey to Indiaز


They have managed more than 2200 complex cases and 25000 “Expert Second Medical Opinions” provided around the world.


It is an established & trusted brand in from India and is a member of prestigious industrial bodies in India like FICCI.

They have a unique and innovative approach to patient handling and treatment management. They focus on every single patient personally and one dedicated Case Manager is dedicated to every patient who manages every medical and non-medical needs of the patient from the day of arrival to the day of departure.

We put you in the best hands in India

We together ensure that you get

the best quality treatment in India

How do we manage the best quality treatment for you in India?

We facilitate the best of India’s healthcare for your treatment in India.


We offer you the choices of carefully selected best of the best doctors in India.


We put the case in the hands of the right doctors and guarantee the “Best Doctors, the experts in your particular condition


We offer you the choices of carefully selected accredited hospitals having latest technology and world class infrastructure as per the case requirements.


We seek “multiple opinions” from three top most doctors on OPD basis, once you arrive in India.


We ensure that only India’s top specialists review your medical case and provide an in-depth analysis of your case, so that you can be sure you have “right, reliable and accurate diagnosis".


We make sure that you have considered different options and opinions to arrive at the “correct treatment plan”


Professional qualified and experienced Case Manager is assigned to you on your arrival in India


We provide professional and comprehensive management and coordination of your case through Case Management approach


Our Case Mangers provide total supervision, coordination and monitoring to ensure that your "treatment is on right track"


We ensure that there is no waiting time for treatment.


We take care of admission and discharge formalities in the hospital.


We offer highly negotiated prices made affordable & committed, mostly do not escalate during the treatment process.


A customized package for patients travelling on budget- treatment is never denied.


We help you to achieve the best treatment outcome, remove errors and avoid unwanted surgeries

Finally, what patient would get coming through us is absolutely patient- centric care at no extra cost in real terms. We would proudly like to share that we have got 100 % success rate for complex to very complex cases.

Medical Tourism Services

Medical Visa assistance


Book Flights (optional)


Airport transfers


Communication aids for keeping in touch with family


Special care and facilities for the attendant


Arrange Interpreters wherever required.


Assistance during hotel check-ins & check-out


Multi-destination options


Arrange for accommodations


Make all necessary bookings


Custom manage individual requirements


Our Packages are inclusive of:

Cost of investigations: All relevant investigations are carried out and repeated on arrival to arrive at the accurate diagnosis before the surgery. 

Cost of complete surgery by the top most doctors in India.

This also included the charges for the services for complete monitoring & management of the case by professional Case Manager assigned to the patient all through the treatment process in India. 


The Case Manager is the complete in-charge of the case and coordinates with doctors, hospital, follows up on the progress on the treatment, takes care of all the requirements of the patient on daily basis. Also coordinates for hospital admission & discharge and accommodation before and after the hospital stay, take care of formalities with airlines and local transportation. Additionally, we take care of the complete police registration/ residence permit mandatory for every patient travelling on medical visa. This helps the patient to focus on healing and have a complete peace of mind in a foreign country.


Our all-inclusive package is a negotiated cost and is lower than the market price. Our partners get special prices from the hospitals as they sent more than 2000 patients to the hospitals every year.


Another advantage the patient gets coming through us is that we do not let the cost change during the treatment process. Unlike the hospitals where the costs invariably increase on one pretext or the other like delay in the surgery so that the number of days stay increases, delay in discharge, unnecessary investigations, involving other doctors who may not be needed etc. Apparently, it is not advisable to stay in the hospital more than needed as there is always a risk of getting hospital infections.

Our partner in India ensures that the patient does not stay more than needed, our patients get priority in receiving treatment, no unnecessary tests are done, right and appropriate doctors are involved and discharge happens on time. There is a complete control and coordination over the entire process which also helps in eliminating errors.

Most importantly, what we would guarantee is the best quality treatment with a focus always in the best possible outcome.

World class treatment in India –

Great Value for your money

Medical treatment cost in India offered by us is much lower than offered by any facilitation company and hospitals in India. On an average, “All-inclusive Packages” offered by us are 25 to 30% lower than just the “Cost of Treatment” offered by the hospitals in India.

Our packages are affordable, lower than the market rate, all-inclusive and committed.